Straight out of Wisconsin, the Madison natives formed their quartet in September of 2017 and since have released two group projects tilted ‘Project Ascension’ and ‘City in the Clouds’, as well as a plethora of singles under the name ‘Young Vets. Having known each other since grade school, the group has a unique bond that has been strengthened by their love of music and aspiration to improve their local music scene and community. The members of Young Vets; Skis, T the Pharaoh, Mellow Grind, and P-luv, each bring their own particular sound to the table through which has allowed the group to explore a variety of sounds, reflected in songs such as ‘TTD’, ‘Reckless’, and ‘Real Dirty’.

Over the past two years, the Young Vets have been actively playing shows across Madison with high energy performances fueled by a loyal and supportive fan base. On top of 15+ performances, the group has been involved in a local startup music platform company titled LUM (Live Undiscovered Music) which aims to promote local musicians and improve the Madison music scene for all artists.

Vets, short for ‘Voluntarily Entertaining the System’, is a moto embodied by the group that plays into their goals of further developing their own brand to get to a level in which they are able to give back to and enhance their community. While the Vets are all currently either in college or working full-time, they are already using their diverse array of skills and abilities to build a movement in their city. The group is not limited to solely the four recording artists but also those they are closest with that participate in the YV movement such as producers, videographers, and other artists.

As the Young Vets continue to drop real, pain felt and inspiring music, you may also find them reaching out in other facets of entertainment and business in an effort to drive change in their lives as well as the lives of those around them and going through similar experiences.