Xrossroads & Baby Paul, Supa Emcee – X’EM Out

X’EM Out Mixtape by the Group XrossRoads is an amazing collaboration of Legendary Lyrics and Instrumentals. XrossRoads is the unification of 2 hip-hop luminaries from Queens NY and Detroit MI – coming together for 1 common goal, quality hip-hop music.
In a saturated market full of trap beats, auto tuned vocals, and a lack of authentic subject matter it is refreshing to come across artists who exemplify edgy but musical hip-hop with substantial lyrics.

Together as the group, “XrossRoads” Baby Paul and Supa Emcee’s collective talents define the art of beatmaking and mc’ing using hard edged sampled beats combined with live instrumental compositions, intense thought provoking lyrics that are entertaining yet have depth and substance – with featured collaborations by some legendary artists within the genre along with brand new up and coming talent.