Scotty D

Richard Scott a.k.a Scotty D. 22 years old. Hails from the Bronx, New York. he first started doing music when he was 20 years old in Japan. Scotty D’s latest and first EP project is called “After Midnight”, debuting his latest single “Speedin” which is available on all major platforms. Scotty was in Japan for 2 years and recently moved to South Carolina to pursue his music career. Currently, Scotty D is working on his first major album that will be released during the summer 2019. Scotty D’s goal is to always provide a vibe with his music and songs and produce some feel good music. That is what he intends to showcase on this album. It will be filled with classic and more contemporary Pop/R&B music. I will be performing at Coast2Coast live in Atlanta on the 14th of April.