Rahiem Supreme – Suede Stories out now

Washington D.C. rapper Rahiem Supreme dropped his new 11 track album titled “Sude Stories”, it‘s actually the fourth releases this year of the MC. In February he dropped the EP “Man Time” short after the EP “The Grandeur of Supreme” and in March the EP “All I Ever Wanted.” The new album has one feature guest with Ankhlejohn, the beats were provided by Ydeezy337, Blaq Knight, Oofoe, Artmajorfonso, Spano, Dotwav, Crank and from Scrilla. 

Rahiem has positioned himself among the wave of neoclassical East Coast rappers contrasting lo-fi sample-based production with visually resplendent lyricism across a quickly growing catalog. I‘m sure he will kick new productions in this year.