Prada Mack – Tag Team Champions

Oakland Rappers Prada Mack and Geechi are releasing their debut collaborative album. The 10 track album including the previously-shared singles “Ante Up” and “TLC.”

“My brothers, my family, my daughter, my mom, everything I been through in life, that’s what motivates me when I rap. There’s not a rapper out here that will motivate me, because I really feel like we’re the realest — I don’t feel like nobody else realer,” Geechi explains to us. “When I’m in the studio, everything comes from the heart. This is all the shit I’ve been though, and ain’t no one been through that shit with me except Prada and BLACK and them.”

“My motivation is my family every time,” Prada Mack shares. “I look up to my n***as and who I see in the mirror. That’s just how much I love me and the gang, and how much I believe in us.”