Born November 1993 Joshua Neloms who goes by rapper name of JessieTheGoat (JTG) Jessie is making his way in the music industry. His original rapper name was J money but later changed for a unique upbringing So Jessie was original and the goat is trending so it gave him and the fans something to have a catchy liking to it. The goat is something he will definitely live up to as he enters the music career. Jessie The Goat is 25 years old and is from Milwaukee WI. Jessie wrote his first rap when he was in the second grade in elementary school with the help of his older brother Jeremy Hernandez.

It was for an inspirational program of what know in today’s time called black history month. From that moment on, Jessie The Goat began to take a love for writing raps and poems. Jessie took a interest in poetry heavy with the idea to express his true feelings of where he comes from. Growing up in single a family poor household was not an easy life style for him to handle. Jessie’s upbringing influenced him to be motivated in to really striving for a successful life style.

Jessie could no long take leaving in the poor environment and writing and creating music seem to be his only way to express himself to where he could get people to listen without judging him and also could relate to his struggle. Jessie The Goat recently released an ep called take off as well with his hot single snakes. A new album is on the way as well following a new music video for his hit single nexted up. Jessie The Goat recently had a sold show at the Miramar theatre in Milwaukee