JaH Monte – Monte of Melenated People Alkaline Water Vol . 1

Jah-Monte’s second project of the year could not be any more sonically different to his last. Where Jewelry Rap was brimming with soul, Alkaline Water is more on the gritty end of the spectrum. ‘You n***** rapping on party beats and singing hooks like this shit r&b’, he raps contemptuously on second track ‘MIAMI VICE GRIPS’.

The rapper has never cut corner with his rapping, and throughout this latest offering he maintains the same intense level of rapping over a diverse set of production from Australia’s El Toro.Track three, ‘$1000 P’S ON GOD’ features a skeletal beat reminiscent of RZA’s work on Ironman, and Jah-Monte is the perfect MC to deliver the barbed lyrical flair that such production requires.

Follow up ‘PLUG LANGUAGE’ is much grander, and the rapper’s intense brags: ‘Can’t feed my daughter off no Twitter post but I had that fucking bread in case you didn’t know, I’m the Lord and y’all just Christian folk’ sound ring powerfully throughout the vast chasm of sound. As the song comes to a close, Jah-Monte sums his experience up with ‘Be informed not influenced, n***** getting money like they Jewish’ over a dramatic orchestral swell at this point, the project’s producers has more than proved his worth as one of the MC’s collaborators, and by its final stretch its clear that the duo have perfectly fused their styles.

‘CAME UP NO CAP’ is all piano-addled boom bap and chanted hooks, the rapper honing in on the brief gaps in Toro’s monstrous production to deliver one of his finest performances ever. ‘VEGAN MEGAN’ is an equally dope follow up, despite being one of the project’s briefer numbers its unpredictable live guitar sound encourages endless flow switch ups and leads to a pure bar fest.

Alkaline Water achieves a lot, but maybe above all it demonstrates that its creators are capable of rising to challenge, adapting to one another’s versatility, and creating a pure, quality rap product devoid of any bullshit.