J Mind is a eighteen year-old rapper, producer, and songwriter from Orange, New Jersey. He currently lives in Union where he creates his music and he attends Union High School. His full name is Joshua Alina Stephens and has two Guyanese immigrant parents. From a young age he’s been in love with music.

It all began with his first keyboard. The piano was his first love. J Mind took part in the poetry slam at Burnet Middle school in eight grade and he fell in love with writing music. At age 15, he began producing music, learning as time went on. Since then, he’s improved rapidly. He has often been told that he has a lyrical gift or that he will definitely make it big one day. This motivated him.

Coming from a Seventh Day Adventist household, J Mind has been very religious all his life. He holds tight to his Christian morals and observes the sabbath as his day of worship. His music is heavily motivated by his relationship with God. He stays true to himself and exerts positivity into the atmosphere. J Mind has always respects J. Cole as his favorite rapper. He hopes to spread love and positivity the same way Cole has, focusing heavily on the density of his lyrics over a nice beat and a nice flow. He has performed at Cicely Tyson School of Performing Arts in East Orange, NJ, Cafe Z, Van Gogh’s Ear, and took part in the Coast2Coast competition. Performing is one of his favorite parts about being an artist because he enjoys interacting with the audience.

His first studio album,”The Island”, drooped on January twentieth and has gained over four thousand streams on Spotify in under a month. The album has been played in six countries including Netherlands, United States, The United Kingdom, and more. His first single “Autumn Leaves” was released on February twentieth and has gained over seven thousand streams on Spotify and has raised a larger fan base for the artist. J Mind has high hopes of breaking into the mainstream one day so that’s where all of his dedication is directed.