Iowa Rockwell – MoodBoard

Chicago rap artist Iowa Rockwell dropped his new 11 track album titled “Moonboard”. As a founding member of innovative Chicago based hip-hop group the 3rd Eyelanders, Iowa Rockwell began to hone his craft in the early 2000’s working towards his 10,000 hours at becoming a true master of ceremonies. After the group released 2 albums, he began work on his solo career. His first official release, “The Wonder Years Mixtape” was released in June of 2009.

That same year culminated in the release of his first studio album, “Changing of the Guards”. Over the next decade Iowa Rockwell would release multiple projects tackling a myriad of subjects with a heartfelt delivery, bringing the listeners in on his personal journey. After a 6 yr hiatus without an official release, he dropped the album “81” in 2017 which was an extremely personal look at life through his own lens.

Continuing this artistic journey with no intentions on stopping anytime soon, Iowa Rockwell has joined forces with collaborator Topher Grey on the Stupid Box Podcast, a weekly show that deals with the minds of common society.