Dxvice (pronounced Device) is a young passionate music artist and entrepreneur who has collaborated with numerous artists from around the globe. He has recently released his sensational single “Somme” in January 2019 via major digital media platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud etc.

Having started his musical career as a rapper over 6 months ago, Dxvice fell in love with every aspect of this profession from the beginning. Having worked on multiple projects so far, right from the release of his first single, Dxvice has been known for his taste in distinguishably catchy music, charisma, and energy. His swaggering self-confidence and unique lyricism have always reflected in all his outstanding songs that each have their own distinguished vibe to them.Hailing from Miami, Florida, the artist envisions himself making a mark in the world of music with his remarkable work. As quoted by Dxvice “When one climbs, we all climb”. He recalls his own struggles from the tumultuous childhood days, and wants to ensure that he touches lives and helps people overcome the problems that he had to overcome on his own. His unique style and tempest of unconventional modern rap, and hip-hop is winning over the hearts of music lovers from all over the world.

Now that he has gained popularity as a successful artist, his aim is to make sure his family never goes hungry again. Throughout his musical career, he has expressed his work with utmost honesty. The newly released song is a symphony of conventional beats and retro rap. Through each track that he has ever worked on, Dxvice ensures the audience that they’re taking a ride through his mind. In his words, all his work is a true reflection of his hard work and passion for music as a way of life.

As an independent artist, Dxvice’s choice in music has a different feel to itself, he deliberately wants to create exclusive theme for each of his songs so that through his work every one of his listeners’ able to relate to at least one of his tracks. His hit release “Somme” rightly depicts the rappers energizing vibe along with the hip orchestration. This single unravels a unique combination of a music that has a feel-good vibe that can get the crowd excited and hyped on hearing the song. As an evolving performer, he has been working on a variety of projects, showcasing his extensive music and rapping skills in the entertainment industry as an excellent overall musician.