603 champions, Trap Jaw Affiliates co-founders APE the GRiM and Bugout, who’s one member Granite State, have been massing up tremendous armaments in the form of timeless music and decided to pull together those new and most of the classic bangers from the early days. NH veteran, DJ Myth orchestrated the flow of the jam-packed rollercoaster that this tape has come to be.

Songs like Another Day, from Granite State’s debut album ‘The Breaking Point,’ that was recorded in 2004 and released in 2006, along with the Monkey Biz remix from ‘Animal Odyssey’ that same year, remind you that the realest and most captivating part of this music is the identify in which we relate in these day to day situations.

You get to revisit songs from all of Ape’s FIREPOWER mixtapes, the Trap Jaw Affiliates’ album from 2007, and 2015’s ‘The Idealist’ as well as features with guys like Doug York, LB, Undu-Kati, Cody Pope, Skipp Whitman, and more. The new joints are scattered through with a Rap Night style progression that leaves you wondering what happened to dope mixtapes that were actually mixed by DJs! Witness the culture of Hip Hop perfection that lives in the great state of NH.